Anthem Highlands
2940 Bicentennial Pkwy.
Henderson, NV 89044

Blue Diamond
8030 Blue Diamond Rd. #105
Las Vegas, NV 89178

4455 S. Buffalo Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89147

Inspirada - Spring 2018


Our comfortable, clean and unique decor sets the stage for an experience you will enjoy time and again. All three locations feature 5,000 square feet of gaming and dining. Whether you want to load up on Nickel Keno or $5 Super Star poker, Rounders has the right game for you.

Join us for a meal and see what our faithful regulars already know. From sumptuous breakfast selections to our wide variety of unique appetizers, the fare is truly not your typical tavern food. Featuring daily specials and an amazing Happy Hour, our menus offer something for everyone. Give us a try. Our friendly and professional staff will ensure that you enjoy a true, gamers tavern in a comfortable and stress-free environment.


Tommy ‘Rounders’ Rondeaux, born to French-Canadian parents in 1891, was raised on the mean streets of Chicago’s South Side. Tommy started working for his father at eight years old delivering coal. His father always said, “If you don’t fill the coal bin, but still charge full price, it will eventually cost you money. Our customers have to trust us without question.” Avoiding the street gangs that roamed the waterfront, Tommy concentrated on helping the family business grow.

As attitudes changed throughout the early 1900’s, alcohol began to be viewed as a “scourge on humanity” by many of the religious and political leaders under the name of the temperance movement. By January of 1920 the Volstead act was ratified by Congress and suddenly alcohol became illegal. The fun loving folks of the Roaring ‘20s would not allow a silly law to stop the good times. This gave birth to the “Speakeasy” taverns in the back alley’s and out-of-the-way places Tommy already visited every day. Seeing an opportunity, Tommy began to hide barrels of gin and whiskey smuggled in from his native Canada under the coal that he already delivered to the many establishments along his route.

His bootlegging business quickly became profitable and by 1922, Tommy had opened his first bar. His passion for providing a fun, safe environment for his customers built him a reputation that insulated him from the probing eye of the authorities and blood was never shed in his establishments.

It’s not clear how Tommy earned the name of Rounders. Perhaps the difficulty most folks had pronouncing the name Rondeaux, or the many rounds of poker he played with his regular customers. In their hey day, Rounders’ Speakeasys hosted all of Chicago’s most famous athletes, politicians and bohemians. As customers flocked to his establishments, the first chain of taverns was born and Tommy would wear the name Rounders for the rest of his life.

No one really knows what became of Tommy. By 1930, the Stock Market had crashed and Prohibition was over. He was never seen or heard from again. Some folks say that he went out west to find a new life. A tavern bearing his name now stands in a rare Nevada oasis. Rounder’s style hospitality lives on accompanied by great food, exciting gaming action and an inviting atmosphere that would make Tommy proud.

Fact or fiction? You decide.





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